Walking Tour

Let’s get ready to Reykjavik! The city center is pretty small, by comparison. But there is still tons to do. 

Our morning walk took us past the Sun Viking again. 

It was cool to see how different it looks in the sunshine. 

We turned right back towards town and walked up to Hallgrímskirkja.


We happen to be in town for Whit Monday. It’s one of those bank holidays that inconveniently closes businesses but conveniently gives us an impromptu choir performance inside a huge cathedral. 

Actually this was just their practice we were allowed to sit in

And as a bonus, there’s an impressive statue honoring Leif Erikson.

And then things got a little frustrating. 

Typically, I can rely on Google Maps to give me public transportation directions in any city I visit. It will give me all transfers, locations of stops, times, and sometimes even the price of each ride. 

Unfortunately, the big yellow public busses in Reykjavik may as well not exist. I spent maybe 2 hours trying to figure out how much the busses cost, where the bus stops were located, what line went where, and if I could make transfers using the same ticket. 

Most links on their website lead you to a 404 page. And don’t expect their “helpful” trip planner to make any sense at all. 

And then I found the Strætó app. If you have a smartphone, skip the headache and just download it. It has literally everything I had been searching for. 

Also consider purchasing a Reykjavik City Card, which will include all bus and ferry fares along with free admission to many museums and exhibits. 

You deserve a picture of a kitty

You’re welcome!

But our efforts were rewarded when we found a secret hot spring near the Grótta Lighthouse. 

Take the #11 bus to the furthest stop, hop off and walk about 5 minutes along the water until you see this shack. Hold your nose, it’s full of fermented shark. 

Now walk towards the water.

You found it!!

It’s only big enough for maybe two people to squeeze in, four if you just put your feet in. 

Definitely the highlight of our day!

If you’re traveling Iceland on a budget, make friends with the grocery store and know when Happy Hour is. Many bars will run half-price specials from 4-7pm and again from 11-1am. Food is probably not going to be discounted so fill your bellies before heading out for some of the best beer I’ve ever had. 

Kaldi dark and blond lager

Bonus points to Paula for snapping this incredible shot of an Icelandic sunset…at 1am!

Dark as it’ll get

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