Get Out There

Our first full day in Stockholm and we sure didn’t waste it! 

First up, Gamla Stan. It’s the old section of Stockholm. Beautiful architecture. The world’s oldest restaurant. Tons of shops. Gorgeous. 

The German Church

I picked up a couple souvenirs here, as the shopping was nice and centrally located. There’s also plenty of options when it comes to food.  Everything from a quick takeaway window to fine dining. But, of course, I always recommend taking an alleyway and finding something off the beaten path. 

From there, we took a ferry (included with SL pass) to Skansen, the outdoor Swedish cultural museum. Definitely plan on spending some significant time here. 

There’s everything from historical homes 

To Swedish animals 

…of all sizes!

You can even have lunch or a quick snack while you’re enjoying yourselves. 

Salt licorice lollipop

And inside all the buildings, you will find people to answer any questions you have. 

Our friend Daniel, the schoolteacher

Skansen closes at 5:00pm. So what to do with the rest of our time?

How about a brewery?

A quick Google search led us to The Swedish Brewing Company

It’s a little hidden gem in the heart of Stockholm. Great beer, fantastic atmosphere, and the nicest bartenders I’ve met. Check out their Instagram @swedishbrewing. 

Unicorn (and Lauren) approved!

Unfortunately, sleep must happen at some point. And as jet lagged as we still are, I’m surprised we made it this late. 

But I’ll see you tomorrow, bright and early!!


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