Everybody Do the Jetlag

Did you know May 31 is WOW Airlines’ birthday??

We had a birthday party onboard and everything!

We even got cake!

Ok, we’ve got feet on the ground in Stockholm! This city is beautiful! 

And efficient! Busses take you directly from the airport to the city center (we took Flygbussarna– 99sek one way). From there, you can grab a transportation pass, or SL pass, at any subway station which is good for all local trains, busses, and ferries. No need to worry about zones either. It will take you anywhere in the city (even the airport for a supplemental fee). 

First on our list was lunch. I had done a little research before leaving on where we would go for our first meal. After applying the filters “Swedish” and “cheap eats”, I found this little gen of a cafe. 

Well, actually it’s in the basement of that building. It’s called Kajsas Fisk and it’s one of the best quick service/takeaway meals I’ve eaten. 

I took a few bites before I remembered to snap a photo

This whole plate (bread is complientary) cost me about 155sek which was well worth a hearty meal after a day of traveling. 

Be aware: public toilets often charge to use. Most will be happy to take a credit card, but if you’re cheap like me, I recommend finding a little coffee shop, purchasing an espresso and using their facilities.

But back to our story.

We had quite a few wonderful interactions with locals. One was a man we sat with at lunch who is a wildlife author. He was happy to tell us about Swedish animals and their habitats. Another was a shop owner who we came to because we needed a translation for a geocache. We never found it, but we did get to talk with him about travel and the magic of IKEA. Also, our Airbnb host Ulrike. I could write paragraphs about her. But suffice to say, she is the most incredible and hospitable woman who has gone out of her way to ensure we are comfortable and prepared for our adventures. 

After a nice little break at the house, we were ready to hit the town again. Where to?

First, sushi. 

110sek. Miso soup is free.

 But then…

Swing dancing!! Seriously, Sweden has some of the best dancers in the entire world. But do not be intimidated. Each dance I had was nothing but fun. Just go. Seriously, it’s amazing!


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