Tokyo Overload

The final two posts I am writing after the fact. We had three extremely busy days with no space to write.
We got a late start Tuesday morning. Senso-ji is one of the most famous temples in Tokyo and happens to be very close to where we were staying, perfect for our compressed timeline. The temple is beautifully landscaped with smaller temples and buddha statues around the gardens.

Japan 9 010
Temple entrance
There is an impressive pagoda too.

Japan 9 025

It was definitely the most crowded temple we have been to yet, but there are tons of cute little shops and stalls to explore, giving it a very different Tokyo feel.

Japan 9 004
We walked a few blocks down the river to spot the Asahi Flame, which locals refer to as the Golden Turd.

Japan 9 032
There were a couple more neighborhoods we wanted to explore before the day was through. Shibuya was top of the list. It’s is a lively area, popular with the younger Tokyo crowd. There’s a great nightlife scene, but daytime is just as exciting. We peeked in a couple of the weird shops and found a nice Korean buffet for lunch. Of course that’s when my body decided to hit a wall. I was tired, I didn’t feel well, and it was only noon. So we cut Shibuya short and headed to Shinjuku.
We were early for our next reservation. Luckily there is an underground mall with some nice shops and cafes where one can rest and recover.
Some iced tea and water did the trick. And a good thing too, as the matinee show of Robot Restaurant was next up.

Japan 9 035
If you come to Tokyo for the weird and exciting, you must do Robot Restaurant. It is part kabuki part cabaret with the added bonus of giant robots and lasers. The show is just spectacular!

Japan 9 053
Taiko drummer
Not wanting to push my new-found energy too far, we came back to the hotel briefly for a quick rest before dinner.
Down in the basement of a small building in Minato is a restaurant called Kagaya. Though “restaurant” doesn’t seem to accurately describe it.

Japan 9 100

I do not want to give too much away, but know that my recommendation comes with a warning. Prepare for anything to happen. The food is great; Japanese home-cooking.

Japan 9 103

The atmosphere…just wait for it. Again, I do not want to spoil anything. Trust me on this, just go. Keep an open mind. Leave the kids at home.

Japan 9 112


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