The Shortcomings of Words

There’s a strange thing that happens with the final entry.  Do I work to get the words perfect? Or do I just get it done? Either way, the trip is over.

*deep breath* Here we go.

Jim had done some research on beaches in the area and found a nice one near the folk museum.  We decided on another all day transportation pass and hopped on a bus.  Huk beach is very nice.  There’s rocks to climb on, grass to play in, and a little restaurant (which was being refurbished).


Next on the list, a boat ride around the fjord.  Now if you like, you can book a 2 hour guided cruise around the islands for about 270 kr. Or, you could take a more thrifty route and jump on a ferry (included in the 24hr ticket) and ride it around for a few hours. You also have the option to hop off and explore if you want.  We went with the ferry ride!




Later in the day, we did our souvenir shopping around Karl Johans Gate.  Like I said before, if you want the real deal, be prepared to splurge big time here.  Although the sweaters and mittens were very nice, most Floridians would probably have a rough time spending their entire paycheck on something they can wear once a year.  I went with a tote bag.

Our last morning in Oslo, we did as much exploring as we could before noon. City Hall, Steen and Strom (a department store with groceries in the basement), and the Royal Palace park were the major areas we hit before catching the train to the airport.




And there you have it.  Another successful backpacking trip in the books.  The last day is always the hardest.  I have to remind myself to continue living in the moment, even with the dark storm clouds of responsibility and reality looming on the horizon.  But I try my best.  Like last time, I am able to return home with memories I wouldn’t trade for the world and a building excitement of my next trip.


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