Up All Night

Nine hour red-eye to Oslo and I slept for an hour. But there was plenty to see and do today that sleep was the last thing on my list. Once the train ride to the city center and hunt for our hotel were out of the way, we went big.

Happy Constitution Day! If you are coming to Norway, make sure you’re here for this! I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…

The streets are packed


Everybody dresses up




Seriously, everybody!


The hotel rooms are small…really smallImage


Sandwiches are still good wherever you go



The view from the top is always the best


Art is weird (This one is called “Elephant Bird”)


Norwegian is a silly language


Oslo is much more than I expected. There’s a beautiful mix of classic and modern everywhere. You see it In the architecture, the people, the food.  Young and old gather together at the same bars and restaurants. Everyone just seems happy.

We spent no money on sights or attractions today.  Day 1 should always be “city acquaintance day”.  Walk up and down the streets. Find out where the locals like to eat.  Have a conversation with someone you don’t know and find out what they like about their city.  Just immerse yourself.  I think we did a good job of that today.





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