Don’t Cry For Me

It’s a difficult life we lead here in Sorrento.  Yesterday we made our way around the town, exploring the shops and alleyways, sampling the local fare, partaking in some local wine.  But don’t cry for us. We knew what we were getting ourselves into when we booked this trip.  Yes, it is hard sometimes but we would not wish this on anyone.  I think the rest of the story can best be described in pictures.  So take a look!

Take a good look at those last four pictures.  They tell a story.  A story of good food, heartbreak, and a band that tried so hard.  For dinner, we decided to just go out for dessert and wine since we were still quite satisfied from the lunch of gigantic sandwiches (see photo above).  We found ourselves at the Foreigners Club where we were seated in some very comfy outdoor couches with a heat lamp to keep us warm.  We ordered the Baba’ Napoletano and 1/2 liter of regional red wine.  At some point, Mom got up to use the restroom.  Cue sexy waiter.  He comes strutting over like nobody’s business and asks me in a sultry voice, “So where did you learn Italian?”.  I answer  “At school, I studied for six semesters”.  “Your accent is very good, where are you from?”  “Florida…America”.  “Ooooh, American woman” he says.  “Yes…but I’m engaged”.  “Oh…you have beautiful eyes”.  At which point he left, never to return again…  Mom says I should flirt more.

If you aren’t bawling from sheer sympathy of our predicament, then let me torture you with this little anecdote from today.  We have breakfast at the Gelateria Primavera, another Baba’,  a small croissant thingy filled with marmalade and two cappuccinos.  When we finished, we trekked up to the train station only to find out that the next train to Pompeii was not for another 3 hours!! The horror! What were we to do? We had no choice but to buy two bus tickets to Positano and try to make the best of it…

Now let me tell you something about bus rides along the coast of Italy…if you have a weak stomach, DON”T DO IT.  The roads curve back and forth at sharp angles and odds are you will not even have a seat.  It is like riding a very old roller coaster where you have to stand and hold on for dear life, lest you plummet to your death 1000 ft below (that’s 304.8m).  But if you can handle that, Positano is a beautiful place.  Imagine if Minas Tirith was built on the sea.

Yeah, that’s about right.  We had a delightful lunch of sandwiches (much like yesterday) from one of the Delis in town.  It was a build-your-own type deal.  Mom had eggplant parmesan and I had eggplant, prosciutto and  mozzarella.    We ate down by the water right next to a local artist painting the scenery.  I know, I know, the imagery is awful.  And you can stop now if you need to.  But after we had finished lunch, we walked along the pebbly beach and collected sea glass.  Maybe I can make a bracelet or something out of it.  We did a brief tour of the cathedral which centered around the Madonna Nera…one of the creepier versions of Mary.

And that concluded our trip.  We are back in Sorrento now taking a brief rest before we venture out into the harsh world once again.

Capri tomorrow!


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